Dolphins Signed RT Tyson Clabo Today

Before FA started I stated that the Phins were poised to leapfrog the Jets nfl jerseys cheap this year, fight the Pats for the division and that Rexy would have to wrestle Pettine for the AFC East cellar.


Didn't the Phins leapfrog the Jets last year? And Jonathan Martin is not a proven left tackle nfl jerseys sale, he wasn't even a good right tackle, that's a huge question mark for them this year. 


They would've leapfroged the Phins last year if Carpenter jets jersey had not missed three FG's that would have made their record 10-6. I don't consider one game much of a change but this year their are serious contenders! dolphins jersey


The only thing I have to say Mike is that Rexy better create some NEW plays when he meets Pettine or else the Abyss will be a cold, dark place to reside in for very long! 

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